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Our Office

The Office to Advance Women Apprentices (OAWA), funded by the provincial government of Newfoundland & Labrador, was created in 2009 with a mandate of increasing employment opportunities for females in the skilled trades.

Since 2004, Government has found that the number of women registering for apprenticeship programs in non-traditional trades has increased by 35 per cent, but women were experiencing difficulty obtaining that initial work experience to move through the apprenticeship program.

OAWA works with female apprentices once they complete their in school training to assist them in finding employment opportunities with the ultimate goal of achieving journeyperson status. OAWA has established partnerships with employers, unions, government and training institutions in helping to accomplish these goals.

    OAWA has:
  • A registry database of female tradespersons which identifies their trade, level of apprenticeship, employment status, resumes and this database is continually updated as more women enter the trades.
  • A Wage Subsidy Program to assist employers with the cost associated with hiring apprentices
  • A Mentorship Program where female tradespersons mentor new women entering the trades, women interested in taking a trade and high school girls in skilled trade classes

The Office is dedicated to ensuring that there are employment opportunities for female apprentices who have graduated from the various trades training programs. The identification of these female tradespersons is a critical step in that process. We encourage all female tradespersons or students currently enrolled in a trades training program to contact our office.


The purpose of the registry is to create a database of female apprentices who have completed trades training programs.

  • This database will serve as an internal resource that allows us to have instant access to a listing of female trades persons.
  • If, for example, a potential employer contacts the office and expresses an interest in hiring a third year welding apprentice, then we are able to quickly access the database, retrieve a listing of all third year welding apprentices, and contact them to inform them of the potential employment opportunity.


Employer Registration Form

Employers click here if you wish to provide us with your business name and contact information so that we can assist you with finding qualified apprentices for your employment needs.

Wage Subsidy Initiative

This Office offers a wage subsidy as an incentive for employers to hire women apprentices.

Highlights of Initiatives

for more information on this program contact Alison Peach at
Phone 757-5434, ext 239

75% for two contracts

5 - 7 Day In-House Approval Process
Icon of an application Facilitated Application Process for the employer and apprentice. contact Alison Peach, phone: 757-5434, ext 239
Work with apprentices and employers throughout the duration of the employment contract and provide assistance if required


Picture of a girl hammering a nail

The Office to Advance Women Apprentices is pleased to announce that we have started a mentoring program for women in trades. We feel that this is a great service as it provides exposure and experiences from women who are actually working in the field.

We currently have over 1600 female tradeswomen enrolled in our database and we have a group of these women who volunteer as mentors in the following ways:

  • To women's groups
  • Women in Trades Days
  • School presentations
  • Presentations in which our office speak at
  • One-on-one mentoring with women who are thinking about a trade but want to speak with a women already working in that area,etc.
  • Testimonials of female tradeswomen in NL grade nine social studies textbook

We are currently working on a promotion where tradeswomen will be featured on posters and giving a write up on their career and those posters will be placed in local high schools in the women's hometown. So if you are interested in having a testimonial prepared please contact Karen at

Tradespeople are in demand and women are moving forward in that trade and trailblazing the way for other young women interested in a career in the trades.

We are open to suggestions on any opportunities you see as a way to create awareness for women in the trades!


If you are interested in a exploring the possibility of a career in the skilled trades or are a tradeswomen looking for assistance then feel free to contact us

Karen Walsh | Executive Director p. 709-757-5434 ext. 240
Mary Ford | Program Development Officer p. 709-757-5434 ext. 238
Alison Peach | Placement p. 709-757-5434, 239
Our Office is Located At: 89 McNamara Drive
Paradise, NL
A1L 3W2

Fax: 757-5437
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